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About SC4S

SC4S doulas serve as dedicated pillars of support for families, extending their care from preconception through parenthood. Committed to evidence-based practices, they foster open communication and relationships within communities. These compassionate professionals offer invaluable assistance in birthing, postpartum, partner, and lactation support.

Beyond the immediate needs, SC4S doulas function as an "After five" resource, providing in-home support by highly trained professionals. They meet families where they are, ensuring support is accessible at any time, while also connecting individuals to additional resources that contribute to the overall health of families.

SC4S doulas play a crucial role in navigating complex systems affecting Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) such as the Justice Center, Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), Social Services, Food and Nutrition, and Transportation. By doing so, they empower families to overcome challenges and enhance their overall well-being.

Prioritizing informed choice, SC4S doulas create a nonjudgmental, safe, and healthy space for families. New mom support groups further reinforce community connections, providing additional avenues for shared experiences.

In their commitment to underserved communities, SC4S doulas not only sustain and grow but also pave the way for direct entry access to professional trainings in the perinatal health field. Their holistic approach and dedication to over-serving the community truly make them invaluable community-based doulas.

our mission

Support, provide, ensure, inform and assist in growing equitable outcomes for families and communites of color.

our vision

Sistas Caring 4 Sistas vision is to eliminate inequities affecting and effecting pregnant birthing individuals of color and their families, with a primary focus around black maternal health, by providing evidence based education, doula services, and postpartum support to families who face financial barriers, structural and institutional racism, and stigmas by building sustainable communities through advocacy, job creation, sustainable housing, direct resources, a positive network and community connection.

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